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    Although you go everyday, you don't necessarily know her! This is your favorite place to go, is innovating to create a new consumption model, to give you extraordinary life experience. What exactly is Wanda Square? How is it changing?

    Source: Phoenix Network

    Old rules, above鈥斺€?_Spring Festival family reunion, come to our Wanda Square_Here, the beautiful do not want_red fire, sweet and beautiful, in Wanda matched_You see the old brother happy, everyone is as happy as a child_Even the God of wealth has come, you say we can not come? I wish the new year "pig" a good thing, and often come and go. We will meet together.

    These are the high-definition maps of Wanda Square during the Spring Festival. Are they busy or not?

    Why is Wanda Square always so hot? Some time ago, some experts made a summary. Not to mention, the analysis is quite comprehensive and unique, there are dry goods, focus, innovation, let's be proud once today, together to study fine.

    A kind of

    After decades of development, real business has shown a pattern of blooming flowers. Internet innovation and consumption upgrading new blood injection, once again stirred up the market, brought catfish effect rapid fermentation, new consumption came into being.

    As a leading global business brand in China, Wanda Square, after years of turbulence, is making positive contributions to the new consumption era through new formats, new technologies, new scenarios and other ways. It is also showing the face of experience, innovation, speed and scale to the world and becoming a model of transformation and upgrading of many enterprises.

    Looking back at the "Deformation Meter" of Wanda Square in 2018, you will find that Wanda Square has created a new consumption mode by innovation.

    Make Experience Marketing Attractive

    Under the trend of Internet, traditional retail channels are facing the challenges of fragmentation of channels and diversification of consumption scenarios.

    Based on the transformation of itself from the perspective of "traditional commercial internet", Wanda Plaza began to cooperate hand in hand with new retail giants, well-known brands, etc. to find differences in the homogenization, and to closely follow the consumer's life needs and market trends.

    For example, Wanda Plaza and I DO hand in hand, through the "Tanabata Festival" to "Wanda Plaza" box "you confess" perfume flash shop marketing events, and with the help of jitter, micro-blog and other platforms to fan emotions from online to offline. As a link between the collective behavior of fans and the sense of participation, Wanda Square has formed a unique off-line UGC content feedback line, quickly grasping the core consumer group after 95 to 00, laying a good foundation for the cultivation of future consumers.

    For an international business complex, excellent content marketing also comes from accurate market research and deep insight into consumers. The network variety show "Qi Hua Shuo", with the young audience after 1990 as its core audience, recently held a new bookmarking fair of "Talk Well 2" in Wanda Square, Beibei, Chongqing, to create a "Talk Well" and embarrassing ICU theme flash store. At the same time, Wanda Square also holds debates with surrounding colleges and universities to restore off-line scenes in the form of knowledge scene exhibition, integrating culture and interaction, and penetrating deeply into creating an immersive experience in an all-round and three-dimensional way.

    In addition, Wanda Business Management Group and Yiwen Chinese handicraft moved the crafts silent in the deep mountains to Wanda Square in Beijing, Shanghai and other places; while highly precise poverty alleviation, it also provided a platform for craftsmen in the deep mountains to change their destiny by craftsmanship.

    Wanda Square not only caters to the emotional needs of consumers, but also occupies users'time and sells a way of life.

    Social Home, Interactive Experience

    Play interaction, play integration, play cross-border, lead the Wanda Square for many years, in social creativity is absolutely a black horse.

    During the 2018 World Cup, Wanda Square joined hands with QQ browser to create AR real-world football shooting game "Great My Ball", which was the first time Tencent QQ introduced AR technology with real-world interaction to offline business.

    Novelty games attract more consumers to shop experience and get an interesting experience between reality and fiction. And the strong game coverage will link up the whole brand merchants, consumers, merchants and Wanda Square ingeniously linked.

    In fact, Wanda Business Administration is already familiar with cross-border marketing of social media.

    With the help of the hot spread of the World Cup, more than 200 Wanda Squares across the country joined hands for the first time to launch a national-scale official online challenge contest, with 1950 short videos and a total broadcast volume of 156 million. High-flow short video products can bring new perceptions to users. Through different short videos, Wanda Square and tremolo connect the city, people and life creatively. Together, it creates a beautiful life display platform of online and offline linkage.

    In addition, Wanda Square and Tiantian P Picture jointly produced the cosmetics H5 of the World Cup. During the month-long communication, the Wanda area in Tiantian P Picture APP reached 81.655 million entries, which became a well-deserved pop-up; Wanda Square took advantage of the World Cup competition period and launched the interactive game of World Cup guessing, with a total exposure of 56.92 million.

    Different types of cross-border social marketing activities in Wanda Square undoubtedly set up a model for the industry, opened a new consumption mode in the era of smart retail, and realized the needs of precision marketing, enabling merchants and creating value.

    Offline traffic, enabling the second half of the Internet





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